L’Enfant et Les Sortilèges / L'Enfant Prodigue

May 2015


Scene from L’Enfant et Les Sortilèges, Larisa Martinez singing the Fire Aria


L’Enfant et Les Sortilèges / L'Enfant Prodigue Trailer featuring soprano Liana Guberman


Robert Miller Gallery

524 W 26th St, New York, NY


May 2, 2015  8PM

May 3, 2015  5PM

May 4, 2015  8PM



ABOUT THE production

Fairytale meets jazz, ragtime, and waltz in Ravel's whimsical fantasy L’Enfant et Les Sortilèges (The Child and Enchantments). Experience this masterpiece as it has never been seen before within the world of Minecraft with a mesmerizing motion graphics set by multimedia artist Alexandra Posen and Minecraft architects Kupo and VoxelBox.

With a witty text by French writer Colette, the opera tells a story about a restless young boy and the lesson he learns from animals and household objects that magically come to life. This miniature opera is paired with Debussy's hauntingly beautiful cantata L'Enfant Prodigue (The Prodigal Son).

Renowned actor and opera singer Anthony Laciura, who recently starred in HBO's Boardwalk Empire, directs alongside the rising-star Italian conductor Sesto Quatrini



stage director


art director




Kristina Bachrach, La Princesse / La bergère

Francisco Corredor, La Rainette / Arithmétique

Liana Guberman, Une Pastourelle / La chauve-souris

Inbar GoldmannUn pâtre / La tasse chinoise

Briana HunterL'écureuil / La chatte

SungWook KimLe théière / Azael

Sean ChristensenLe théière / Azael (May 3rd Performance)

Enrico Lagasca, L'arbre / Le fauteuil

Larisa MartinezLe feu / Le rossignol

Sarah MillerMaman / La libellule

Dongkyu OhLe chat / L'horlage comtoise

Suchan KimLe chat / L'horlage comtoise (May 3rd Performance)

Véronique RapinL'enfant