Revolutionizing the way we experience opera in the 21st century


the buzz

“Opera is trying so very hard to be cool again, giving into hackneyed techniques like liquoring up its audience or offering up scantily clad soprani. Bare Opera doesn’t need to try to be cool, because they already know they are cool. The sheer joy they take in performing Rossini’s work is infectious. This cast, crew, and production leave the audience breathless and exhilarated. Opera may be old fashioned—maybe—but Bare Opera knows it’s as relevant today as it was 200 years ago.”
— Alexis Rodda, Opera Today
“...a feisty little opera company. If you like young voices, up close and personal, castanetting up a storm, there are pleasures to be had here.”
— John Yohalem, Parterre Box
“Buzz words like ‘alternative’, ‘minimalist’, ‘immersive’, ‘intimate’, and ‘visceral’ can be tossed around as a cover for ‘cheap’ but Bare Opera lives up to its mission so effectively that we would follow them anywhere, even to a walk-up loft, hard by the toxic Gowanus Canal. The audience was far younger than that which we customarily see at the opera.”
— Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche