About Bare Opera



Bare Opera is a new, alternative opera company in New York City with a fresh, modern take on the opera experience. Aesthetically, Bare Opera’s productions are simple, minimalist and modern. Musically, the company presents standard repertoire as well as hidden gems of the operatic canon such as its first production L’Enfant et les Sortilèges by Ravel. By promoting emerging artists and unique cross-genre collaborations, Bare Opera will be a new and exciting addition to New York City's artistic community.


Bare Opera strives to break the prejudice and the pretense around opera and cater to the cultural taste of the modern audience, while maintaining high artistic standards and integrity. Performances are shorter, and opera libretti and characters are brought up to modern times in order to make them more relatable for the contemporary audience. Taking place in unconventional spaces such as galleries and warehouses, the Bare Opera experience is a casual and a fun one, where audiences can grab a glass of wine or beer and enjoy a candid, intimate, and immersive theatrical experience. By pushing the boundaries and perceptions of opera, Bare Opera hopes to be an active agent of change in the cultural landscape of opera and classical music, helping to create a sustainable future for the art form.