Arts Flamenco

149 Christopher Street (West Village)

New York, NY 10014


Friday, November 4, 2016   8:00pm

Saturday November 5, 2016   8:00pm

Sunday November 6, 2016   2:00pm

Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes



Sesto Quatrini

Stage Director
Cecilia Ligorio

Assistant Stage Director
Elias Markos

Anthony Tornambene

Laura Kung



Liana Guberman // Fanny (Soprano)

Sungwook Kim // Edward Milfort (Tenor)

Suchan Kim // Tobia Mill (Baritone)

John Allen Nelson // Slook (Baritone)

Colin Whiteman // Norton (Bass)

Kirsten Scott // Clarina (Mezzo Soprano)



Bare Opera presents La Cambiale di Matrimonio (The Marriage Contract)—one of Rossini's most hilarious and poignant operas. Set in the 1950s, this production explores the themes of gender, power, and love.

In this original romantic comedy, which Rossini wrote when he was 18, a Canadian merchant attempts to purchase a wife from England. While the stubborn, calculative Englishman tries to trade his daughter away, Fanny (his daughter) plots to overturn her father's plan and unite with her penniless lover.

La Cambiale di Matrimonio weaves together humorous yet poignant observations about gender and women’s status in society. Rossini’s commentary on women's worth and rights remains particularly relevant this fall.